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About Us

Josephine Kelly

Josephine Kelly was born in Paris on August 3rd 1980. Daughter of a flight attendant, Josephine had the chance to accompany her mother to many countries, piquing her curiosity, love and knowledge of other cultures. She grew up between France, the Congo, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

Dreamer by nature and passionate of ancient history, in 2008 she developed The Forgotten Land books series.


Josephine Kelly is an author who’s love for diversity led her to write books of different subjects. Lover of history, fantasy, crime and mystery, her imagination participated in the creation of inspiring, uplifting and emotional books.

The Forgotten Land – V2

Fall of the Pharoah

Continue reading the adventures of Liman Prince of Egypt in Volume 2 and Volume 3

The Weight of Ignorance

An ancestry biography.

From the 1800’s to nowadays, The Weight of Ignorance, retrace the lives of Josephine Kelly’s ancestry.

Timothy Barrett


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